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Welcome to Liberty Lodging!

You've been handed your papers, you know what base you're headed to, and now your TDY is just around the corner. Inconvenient, potentially. Uncomfortable, possibly. Is the next month going to require a little extra work, maybe—but we are here to help!

Lodging is one of the number one complaints that arises from both military and civilians during their temporary duties for training. A month or more of stiff hotel rooms and take-out is not nearly as fun as it sounds. So, what if we could solve all your military lodging needs plus leave you remembering your TDY with a smile, all without any out-of-pocket expenses?

We might be a little biased, but it sounds like a great deal!

Whether you're visiting Dayton, Ohio for Acquisition classes or Randolph, Texas for Pilot Instructor Training—your lodging, your leisure, your life is going to be luxurious. We curated all of our condos and apartments to be comfortable, classy and temptingly extravagant. Believe us when we say it will be hard to convince yourself to leave your cozy bed for class in the morning. (Luckily, our Keurigs can help with that.)

Don't waste your time checking into that stuffy on-base hotel, book your TDY stay today at one of our fully furnished military condos or apartments. You won't regret the decision to make your TDY memorable!

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