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Military TDY Packing List

Gearing up for your TDY? It might be a good idea to plan out your packing in advance. You don't want to be stranded for a month or more without your favorite set of running shoes or earbuds!

We've gotten a head start for you on the top ten items not to forget for your TDY. .

Packing List

1. Workout Gear - For that rare occasion you want to use one of our gyms.

2. Notebook - For all those classes.

3. Books - Because you probably won't read them.

4. Laptop / Tablet - Please challenge the strength of our WiFi signals!

5. Military & Civilian Clothing - Be ready for those nights out, or just enjoy our luxury amenities and bring plenty of PJs.

6. Nail Clippers - It's common decency.

9. Golf Clubs (if driving) - There's a driving range just a block from our houses and less than a mile from the apartments, FORE!

9. Umbrella - It gets wet sometimes.

10. And Your Classes Recommended List - Because odds are that there is more stuff on that list that will be necessary.

In all seriousness, we look forward to making your TDY one you won't forget in a good way if you decide to stay with us during your course. We've been told that it is our dedication to quality and luxury that make our TDY locations the best lodging opportunity available, and we're going to make sure that's the same case for you.

You've made the Trip, We've made the Bed.

Stay Liberty


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